Yeah, you guessed it. You DO NOT talk about Flight Club. Unless, of course, you’re one of us. But here’s what we can tell you. Flight Club is a high-end mastermind exclusively for experienced internet marketing entrepreneurs. From cutting-edge speaker presentations to powerful roundtable breakout sessions to interactive expert panels, you’ll walk away from every single meeting with proven strategies and actionable tactics for scaling your business quickly. Mix in velvet rope cocktails parties, rooftop catered lunches, exclusive adventures and invaluable networking with many of the top experts in the online business world that we’re proud to call members of our Flight Club family. Here’s what a few of them have to say...

Mike Koenigs

All I can tell you is: if you ever have an opportunity to work with Glen Ledwell OR if you ever have the opportunity to get inside the Flight Club... I cannot recommend highly enough that you get involved!

Susan Bratton

I've started to implement the things I learned at Flight Club and it has definitely increased our revenue – probably doubled it. We have learned so much from people who are in Flight Club. How to run our funnels and launches, big ideas of all kinds as well as technical details that make a big difference. So if you’re considering joining Flight Club, I hope you get in!

Eric Berman

We’ve already generated, easily, over $100,000 on the connections and partnerships we’ve made in Flight Club. The caliber of people is insane and I absolutely love the private community we have access to for questions that get answered at any time.


Glen Ledwell | Founder

Serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, and founder of Flight Club Mastermind, Glen started his first business at the age of 17. Since then, he has started, scaled and sold multiple business across a variety of niches. His company, Mind Movies, grew from zero to over $6M in revenue within the first three years alone and, to date, their personal growth products have reached more than 5M people worldwide.

Alexandra Cattoni | Partner

Alexandra is a copywriter, marketing strategist, online entrepreneur and the director of Flight Club Mastermind. Over the past decade, she has helped launch several successful brands and has proudly partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet, writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.


  • THREE 3-day Flight Club Mastermind events a year (events are always held in March, July and November at a fabulous hotel in San Diego and run Saturday-Monday).
  • Insider strategies, tactics and case studies on what’s actually working right now without any filler, fluff or self-promotion – you know, the kind of stuff that will only ever be shared within an intimate, private and high-calibre group.
  • The complete Flight Club library of all speaker presentations, audio recordings and resources from every single Flight Club event, ever. This is PURE GOLD.
  • Powerful and precise advice on your specific business needs. Flight Club is a true mastermind which means ALL members actively participate in every presentation, panel, and breakout session. We challenge each other, we inspire each other and we celebrate each other.
  • The “red carpet treatment” at every single event including delicious rooftop lunches fully-catered to your unique dietary needs, private dinners and an open-bar cocktail party on Sunday evening to celebrate a rewarding and fun weekend.
  • Adventure! At every single Flight Club event, the third and final day is designated as “Monday Funday”. The exact details of each adventure is left as a surprise but past events have included luxurious pool parties, sailing on a private catamaran, wine tasting, indoor skydiving, hot air ballooning and more. This is more than just networking, it’s the magic sauce that makes Flight Club unforgettable.
  • Direct access to Glen and Alex. You want your copy critiqued? A funnel review? Or proven and effective launches templates? Just email, call, or Skype us! This also includes “family-level” access to our complete rolodex of contacts, partners and resources. Simply put, if you’re in Flight Club, you’re family.
  • Access to our private members-only Facebook group and launch calendar so you can ask questions, share launch dates and details, and continually communicate with all members before and after our events.
  • A week-long Flight Club vacation! That’s right, every year we invite our members to join us on our annual international Flight Club trip. It’s less about the masterminding and more about amazing food, rich cultural experiences and a whole lotta fun! Each year, the destinations and dates are chosen by group and the last four trips took us to the jungles of Costa Rica, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, the painfully beautiful streets of Moscow and the bustling bazaars of Marrakech! Flight Club excursions and dinners are covered.
  • Plus! Surprise gifts, webinar trainings, preferred-partner status and more!


The investment for an annual Flight Club membership is one payment of $30,000 USD or 7 monthly payments of $5,000 USD. Memberships are limited and filled by invitation or application only. We currently have a few spots open. To learn more about Flight Club and see if we’re a fit for each other, apply now!


Christy Whitman

I’m so happy I joined during the first Flight Club meeting they had because, by the second meeting, I earned well over $120,000 in revenue.

Bill Harris

With just one of the ideas and relationships I’ve made in Flight Club, I’m now saving $300,000 a year in my company. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Anik Singal

While I was in the planning mode of doing the biggest launch in my entire career, I made some of my KEY affiliate connections and I learned two very, very awesome strategies; all at Flight Club! And they turned out to help me do an $11 Million Launch.

Roland Fraiser

I’ve met so many amazing, super successful people, who I haven’t met at other masterminds. If you’re thinking about this, whichever market you’re in—really—I would highly recommend that you check out Glen’s Flight Club, it’s fantastic.

Michael Stevenson

The thing I like about Flight Club is that it combines everything. It’s not just information (though the information is fantastic). What I really like is that there is a family feel. We don’t just mastermind together, we hang out together, we get to know each other, we become really good friends. They are people who have a positive mindset, are always growing, are making a difference in the world, are succeeding and always leveling up - that’s a huge thing for me.

Paul Hoffman

Glen has been an instrumental part of my success in my business. He’s one of the smartest marketers that I know, and his ability to see things that you don’t see is pretty remarkable. If you get a chance to work with Glen, I can guarantee you that if you follow the advice he’ll give you, your business will definitely skyrocket.

Curt Maly

Some of the members in the group are my original mentors whose products I bought when I first started out. The caliber here is awesome. And the connections I’ve made are incredible. If you ever get a chance to join Flight Club, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Jon Walker

The people, the volume and most importantly, the QUALITY of the information shared has really exceeded all of my expectations. I'm very happy I invested the time to come to this event. If you get a chance to attend, I guarantee that you don't want to miss it because what you learn here WILL add to your bottom line.

Tellman Knudson

The people here are absolutely top notch. Over the past few days, I’ve met tons of people that I knew of but that I’d never had the opportunity to meet, and that I know I’ll now be doing a ton of business with in the future. If you can, whatever you do, get involved! Glen and his entire team is absolutely phenomenal.

Blair Gorman

To be around this calibre of people is fantastic! The quality of ideas exchanged and the profits they’ll help me generate in my business in the year to come will pay for my trip from New Zealand to San Diego and back many, many times over.

Margaret Lynch

Amazing people, amazing insights... I couldn’t even have imagined that I would get this much information from the mastermind!